EDUO 9771: Building the Future With Creativity and Insight

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Instructor: Joe Herz, MA Educational Technology -

This course will use a TED Talk book, online TED Talks and web resources to help you as teacher allow creativity to flow from your students and become part of the classroom experience

Participants will:

  • be led to understand through web resources how creativity is smothered by the present school system.
  • read and review the TED Book The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings by Marc Kushner.
  • compare and contrast the feelings relating to the ideas from the Ted book and the two web resources.
  • view six TED Talks and relate the content of each talk to the problem of teaching creativity.
  • write about how students’ creativity can flourish in the school system of today so that they can be a part of development of the future.

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Semester Credits/Units 1