EDUO 9208: Reading for Meaning


This six course series entitled CORE STRATEGIES will help Implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) while creating independent lifelong learners. Gain clear and specific strategies that will enable you to successfully teach the CCSS.designed to help teachers learn strategies that will significantly improve their ability to teach the Common Core State Standards.

  • EDUO 9208: Reading for Meaning
  • EDUO 9209: Compare & Contrast
  • EDUO 9210: Inductive Learning
  • EDUO 9211: Circle of Knowledge
  • EDUO 9212: Write to Learn
  • EDUO 9213: Vocabulary's CODE

All six courses in the Core Strategies series require one book entitled The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core by Harvey Silver, Thomas Dewing, & Matthew Perini.  This book is available for purchase at bookstores.

The content learned in the class Reading for Meaning EDUO 9208 will afford you the skills necessary to implement the research based strategy of Reading for Meaning. This strategy can help all readers make sense of challenging texts.


Instructor: Ryan Pickett

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