EDUO 9838: Academic Expeditions Educational Travel Course (Trip Leaders or Chaperones)

Dominican University offers this course in partnership with Academic Expeditions.  Academic Expeditions specializes in custom-designed, experiential educational programs for students of all ages. The students' learning experience comes alive outside of the classroom and beyond their daily environment to truly experience history, culture and nature in fresh, new and exciting ways through the stories they hear, the places they visit, the programs they experience, and the people they encounter.

Course Type: Self-Paced, Instructor Guided.

Credits/Units: 2 or 3 (one optional additional unit available - see course syllabus)

University Instructor: For course content questions, contact Allan Varni (

Trip Coordinator: For trip related questions and details contact


**The fee for this course is separate and only covers the cost of the course tuition and one official transcript, not travel-related expenses.

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